Early Engagement & Design Refinement


You’ve decided to explore building a garden space and you want a highly insulated, eco-conscious building that will really add value to your home. We’re here to help!


We will work with you to understand what you are looking to create, from office space to gym, from music room to space for entertaining friends, we will explain your options and help match your vision to the size and style of bothy best suited to your project and lifestyle.


During this phase of the process, we can help you to visualise how different buildings will fit and look in your space and work with you to finalise on the design that truly matches your expectations. 

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Site Visit &

Order Placement


Working with you, once we’ve finalised the size and design of your room, we will perform a site visit before confirming your order.  As this is an extensive survey there will be a £500 non-refundable charge payable prior to it being performed. This charge will be deducted from the final order price.


The purpose of the survey is to confirm aspects critical to the final build such as ground level for foundations, distance to electrical services for connection of the building, site access and placement of any waste drains that may impede the location of the building.


On completion of the survey, in the unlikely event any findings are made that impact the quoted price we will notify you to discuss and agree the best way forward. Final confirmation of price and lead time will then be provided and should you wish to proceed you'll sign on the dotted line and we can get started on constructing your garden room.


Foundation Installation


Our standard approach is to set your bothy on ground screws, which will be installed prior to us starting construction. We will contact you to agree a date for the screw installation, typically two weeks before the activity. This ensures that everything is in place to allow a quick and efficient building process.


In a small number of cases, our site visit may conclude that you require a conventional concrete foundation for the bothy - and this will be managed in a similar fashion to the ground screws, with installation planned several weeks in advance of construction. 

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Where access to site allows, your room will be constructed and finished in our warehouse. Prior to delivery, we will provide you with a document complete with a detailed photo survey to confirm the room has been completed to the agreed specification. Additionally, you are also welcome to visit for the final inspection or we can set up a video call, if preferable to you. At this stage, you will be asked to approve the build and your bothy will be on its way to you.


Where site access is not suitable, we will deliver all materials to your location and our highly skilled team will construct your room on-site. Our typical on-site duration is 2 to 4 weeks to fully complete the construction, depending on the scale of the build. 

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Delivery & Commissioning


For warehouse construction, your building will be delivered on suitable transport (typically a Hiab), lifted onto the foundations and secured into place. Once securely situated, services will be connected ready for commissioning.


The commissioning follows a standard check-list of items. Working with you, we will confirm you are satisfied with all aspects of the finished building as well as confirming together the good working order of any media (electronics, wi-fi, music systems, etc.) that are included as part of your build.


Be assured if there are any aspects that do not fully meet the agreed specification, these will be rectified prior to your final payment.