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Ground Screws


No Concrete | No Displacement | Gradients

For our structures, we use a building control-compliant ground screw system. Our complete foundation solution provides a strong, level base to build upon.


Simple and efficient to install compared to traditional concrete foundations, ground screws provide you with the following benefits:

  • No groundwork required, no earth disturbance/removal, no environmental impact

  • No concrete is used. for a 4m x 5m footprint screws produce a fifth of the embedded carbon compared to cement.


  • Practical. can be installed on hard-to-access, sloping and uneven ground, in any weather.


SIPs Structure

Stronger | Faster | Greener


All of our spaces are built using SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). SIPs buildings outperform like-for-like designs using traditional building methods in all key areas:

  • SIPs are stronger. 7 x timber frame. 2 x standard brick. 

  • SIPs are faster. Pre-fab panels facilitate expedient construction.

  • SIPs are greener. OSB (Orientated Strand Board), manufactured from waste wood fibre. 30% less timber required over timber frame build.

  • SIPs are more thermally efficient. Rigid polyurethane (PUR) insulation in panels. Minimal thermal bridging. 

Entry & Glazing

Timber-Framed  |  Alu-clad


We offer the highest quality NorDan double-glazed alu-clad timber frame windows and doors as standard. Alternatively, we can offer aluminum framed doors & windows from Vufold. All styles available: balcony, bi-fold, or sliding. Specialist taping is used around the perimeter of all windows and doors to bridge the cavity to the structure and ensure weather and air tightness. 

Our glazing offers long-term weather resistance, eliminates maintenance and extends product life.

For bespoke designs, alternative products such as frameless windows and skylights are available.



Sustainable | Durable



We use Scottish larch as standard, configured to your preference: board on board; tongue & groove; shadow gap; shiplap. 

The material is naturally durable, long-lasting, and perfectly suited for the British climate. It will darken/silver with age, meaning the exterior will mature with time alongside nature.

We install a seamless EPDM rubber roof covering as standard.


Alternative cladding options are:

  • Shou Sugi Ban (charred Japanese Cypress)

  • Wood composite

  • Abode & IRO treated timbers


We also can install a green roof (sedum) for installations where the roof is visible or you want to further blend into the natural environment. 

inside alt low res.png




Creative | Desirable

We want your space to have that sharp stylish internal finish you desire. That’s why our standard internal finish is plasterboard and painted with a colour according to your specification. A high-quality engineered oak floor with attractive double-groove white skirting boards gives a crisp finish.

Where requested, electric underfloor heating with an app-controlled thermostat can be installed (internet access required).

If you have something specific in mind for your finish let us know. From acoustically treated walls and cork flooring to shadow gap plywood walls and polished cement underfoot, we are sure we can create your vision.



Internet | Electrical | Lighting


Our standard offering includes two external wall lights, internal inset LED spot lights and two double-gang sockets on one wall of your choice. Both white and chrome finishes are available. additional sockets and internal / external lights can be added at your request to suit your preferences.

We are able to support your media needs from reliable internal connection to music systems. If you have something in mind then let us know and we can discuss the options with you.

Image by Domenico Loia